Friday, February 24, 2012

Achievement Spree and NEW Minigame Cheats Page!

Hello everyone!
Well, some of you may have known me as Woodswolf, The One Who Never Has To Play Minigames Because She Uses Codes And Hardly Spends Anything!
Well, when they were in stores recently... heh... I bought... heh... heh heh... eight white gloves.
So, now, I'm going on a GEM-EARNING SPREE! But the thing is, I'm doubling its purpose!
What do you mean, DOUBLING ITS PURPOSE?
I'm playing games I haven't unlocked all the acievements in!
Even if it's games I hate, I love and prize my achievements. And I recently found out that Funwow had more than double my number. Yeah.
Looks like I'm gonna have to go spam Temple of Trivia eventually... there's actually a really easy way to cheat to win that one. I'll post about it sometime, assuming it still works. Let's try it...
I'm gonna check now!
Here's the ToT cheat!
You know what? I think I'll create a PAGE for minigame cheats instead!
Check it out, people! It's the new Minigame Cheats page! WOO!
So, I just wanted to give you a little status update on my life.
Bye for now!


  1. NICE!!!!!!
    I Think I HAVE Every ToT One, But COOL!

    Im Making Line Arts For Plants.


  2. @Millicy
    Sorry If I Got Angry At You, I Get Bipolar Moodswings A Lot And I Just Wanted To Make A Rocket/Snake =3


  3. @awesome tinygirl
    it's ok
    i sometimes make others angry or sad by accident.. i'm sorry

  4. @awesome tinygirl
    we have been the only ones commenting on this post for the past few days...

    Where is everyone???

  5. @woodswolf

    But where is everyone else?


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