Thursday, February 2, 2012

RANT: On the Subject of Sol Arcade

Hello everyone!
This is about the new game, Phantom Invasion.
50 gems later, I only earned one lame prize: a horse toy. Sure, I might put it up in my den, but... a bit of a lame prize for 50 gems, eh?
But the next round, however, I won immediately. How do you win?
You fire a beam that matches the color of the 'Fire Any Color' sign that flashes in your face. If you match that thing's color, you blast the phantom right out of the sky.
Kind of a cheesy game if you ask me.
Anyway, this is now just on the subject of the Sol Arcade in general.
No matter how much they boast in the newspaper that it has every game in Jamaa*, it doesn't.
Where's the Halloween game, Phantoms!?
Exactly. Nowhere.
And where's Eat 'Em Up!? Or Phantom's Treasure? Or Best Dressed?
The only thing that makes it worth going there is the game Phantom Invasion. And even THAT isn't very worthwhile.
Plus, guess what I found? While I was looking at all of their many titles, I found that these are the consoles they have:
The Claw
Sky High
Spider Zapper (2)
Mira Says
Long Shot
Pill Bugs (2)
Phantom Fighter
Fruit Slinger (2)
Gem Breaker (2)
Double Up
River Race
Gem Ball
Temple of Trivia
Wind Rider
Super Sort
Pest Control
Guess what the (2)'s next to the names mean! Yep, that's right. There's two of them.
Funwow actually says (she was helping me count) that including anything with a minigame symbol, it's missing six things. And she didn't count Phantoms!.
Plus, the game shop in there? It's missing all the same stuff. Cheezy.
I end my rant.**
Bye for now!
*Actually, this isn't true. It says, and I quote, that "The Sol Arcade is a fun place where Jammers can play lots of games from around Jamaa," thus, they can have these things missing while not lying.*
**The reason I'm ranting about this anyway was that they made my job harder - getting the items and stuff when they come out, you know.**


  1. Sol Arcade is missing BEST DRESSED, PHANTOMS, AND A TON OF OTHER ****! WHY?? WHY, AJ HQ?

    (wow I haven't been on here for like, ages O.o)

  2. Lol, seals!
    But I agree! It's missing, like, a lot of stuff! Sure, I can understand Phantoms!, as that game's only available at Halloween. But BEST DRESSED? WHY!!!!????

  3. Note from Bunnylove3 to everyone:

    The reason for double of certain games is issues with over crowding i would assume. If there is tons of people there you will want to be able to click the game icons. I'm guessing doubles of certain games makes it more convenient for everyone (and maybe less lag).

    The phantom Invasion Game is pure luck. Just like the claw game you pay to play it and your get a prize. The current prizes are various animal figurines. The ones i have so far are as follows:

    In addition, you may note that ther are a few places that are boarded off and have tarps over them. Those may be reserved places for the "missing" places you were mentioning.

    One thing i do not like it that they got rid of the medical center. What a shame!

    Thank you for your time.

    -WCC Moderator Bunnylove3

  4. Best dressed i can understand why they dont have,rly. u know how u hav to vote other people and tht theres lik so many spots for jmmers? well,i think Sol Arcade doesnt have it because u can easily go in there and find yourself by yourself in Bestdressed.Shall i continue?Underwater games? eh,might seem a bit weird of tht stuff on land,but still,I mean,itsnot lik u need an undrwatr animal to ply it.but the art studio i can also understand.But it would be nice if it was would be good for advertising,i mean,hardly ANYONE goes in tht place at all...bak to the topic,the pet wash and pet stop/pet SHOP,would just NOT FIT IN SOL ARCADE!I mean,first things first its member.Second of all it costs lik 700 gems to buy stuff at both shops.thts fo 1 pet.... bak to the point,i think stuff was taken out of Sol arcade for a reason....But i really think it would be cool if there was an underwater Sol arcade,there would be tons of exlusive games and stuff and bla bla bla.bye Jammers! END OF NEWSFLASH

  5. Okay, But I Think Its Because They Havent Made Those Games In Arcade Form Before....
    I Mean, Just Because Best Dressed Is A Voting Game, Dosent Mean ANYTHING! They Have/Had Temple Of Trivia At The Lost Temple Of Zios Shop, So Its Probably Because
    ONE: It Takes A While (And Lots Of Money) To Make A New Shop, And
    TWO: It Takes A Little Bit Of Time (And Money) To Turn A Regular Game To An Arcade! (By The Way, Right Now Im Just Talking About The Shop)
    And, Uhhh, Where Are The Lockets...? They Were In Your Picture, But There Not There...

    But, I Dont Know Why BD Is Not In The Arcade Itself, And Not The Store o3o


  6. OH MY GOSSSHHH!!!!!!!!

    LOOK UP SizzleRat ON AJ!!!
    I DUNNO!
    She Said Maybe, JUST MAYBE, This Was A Account Made By AJ Or Something To Test The Tail Item!
    We Dunno Though, But Thats A Logical Reason. Were Emailing AJ About It, But LOOK UP SizzleRat!!!

    By-The-By, Plants!

  7. @ Tinygirl:
    Did you get a picture? The account is gone!
    I looked it up 30 seconds ago!
    I'll post about it if you have one. E-mail me it.

  8. Darling (Not signed in)February 03, 2012

    You can't find her because you can't search guides.Most know SizzleRat IS in fact a guide.One reason is that she had rare items that hadn't come out yet.For example, Sizzle wore turqiose (I think I spelt that right) cuffs before they came out and they did!You can't find her because she's a guide but her tag doesn't look like that for some reason.Oh and Woods I have picture of her give me you email and I'll sennd it to you!

  9. Thanks, Darling!
    I already found another one in the Google search, though. It's fine either way :)

  10. UGH... i think im the only one who knows all the information...(thts why its a good thing im the Historian :) ) but i mean.. I'VE LEARNED A LONG TIME AGO THT SIZZLERAT IS A GUIDE...SO YES,ITS AN AJ MADE ACCOUNT TO TEST STUFF, 'KAY?

  11. I Very Vaugly Remember Seeing The Turquoise Cuffs On A Person Before They Were Out, But I Never Checked The Name (I Was New, I Didnt Even Know How To Get To My Own Den XD)
    But AJ HQ Said The Tail Item May Or May Not Actually Get In AJ, So Dont Keep Your Hopes Up!
    Well, On The DARK Side, My TOE Which Ive Broken, Like, 2 Times, Had An Ingrown Toenail D:
    Well, Guess What? Now Its Infected.
    Gross, Right?
    It Is.
    And Its PAINFUL
    I Would Actually Prefer It Break Again >:(
    At Least Im Used To That Pain
    Ewwwwwwww Its Groooosssssss!!!!! D:
    Well, I Also Have A New Nerf 3DS Case! Its Like An iPod Otter Box, (Well, Not That Much, But Its Plasic On The Inside And That Foam On The Outside So It Protects It)
    I Got It Because I Have A Tendency To DROP Expensive Electronics.
    Yeah, My Day Is Weird, Thats Not Even All Of It.
    But The Toe Is Just... Ugh..!
    Its Grossssss >:U
    And, I Am About To Make
    Duct-Tape Roses, Sooo, See Youu!

    My Toe Is... Well, You Know, GROSSSS! >:L

  12. I would love to see you make a better flash game! Better than Animal Jam! If you can't, stop complaining about it, thanks :)


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