Friday, February 3, 2012


Hello everyone!
I just came on AJ a little while ago to find that there are TONS of new AJ servers!
This is at 9:30 at night, people!
Anyway, here's a pic:
Bye for now!


  1. ☾★♪❥aωєѕσмє тιηуԍιяℓ♥♫ღ☽ said...
    I Very Vaugly Remember Seeing The Turquoise Cuffs On A Person Before They Were Out, But I Never Checked The Name (I Was New, I Didnt Even Know How To Get To My Own Den XD)
    But AJ HQ Said The Tail Item May Or May Not Actually Get In AJ, So Dont Keep Your Hopes Up!
    Well, On The DARK Side, My TOE Which Ive Broken, Like, 2 Times, Had An Ingrown Toenail D:
    Well, Guess What? Now Its Infected.
    Gross, Right?
    It Is.
    And Its PAINFUL
    I Would Actually Prefer It Break Again >:(
    At Least Im Used To That Pain
    Ewwwwwwww Its Groooosssssss!!!!! D:
    Well, I Also Have A New Nerf 3DS Case! Its Like An iPod Otter Box, (Well, Not That Much, But Its Plasic On The Inside And That Foam On The Outside So It Protects It)
    I Got It Because I Have A Tendency To DROP Expensive Electronics.
    Yeah, My Day Is Weird, Thats Not Even All Of It.
    But The Toe Is Just... Ugh..!
    Its Grossssss >:U
    And, I Am About To Make
    Duct-Tape Roses, Sooo, See Youu!

    My Toe Is... Well, You Know, GROSSSS! >:L

    February 03, 2012

    Thats My Commemt On The Rant.


    STUPID Is Our Goal.
    I Got Plant Green Headphones!

  3. ... yesterday i was non-member but today i'm member....?

  4. *~*~**Seals8**~*~*February 04, 2012

    I think they made new servers because Sol Arcade and the new items every day are so popular that every single server was full so they made new servers.

    -Seals8-ow, that hurt, dropped my huge rock collection on my toe- signing out!

  5. @ Tinygirl:
    Woah... I hope you can get it fixed soon!
    Nice! My brother has a Nerf case for his DSi.
    You're extremely clumsy too? Nice! XD
    @ Millicy:
    Yeah, I saw that, too. It was weird because you recently had a new year membership, right?
    @ Seals:
    Yeah, that's probably why. I need to check for items now! :)


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