Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Birthday Present From WCC!

Hello everyone!
I've been planning on doing this for a while... as a surpise, you know!
Enjoy your brand-new template!
Bye for now!
UPDATE: I've also cleaned up the pages a bit, and taken away the ones that we don't use much. I haven't deleted them, though. Tell me if you like it :)


  1. WHOOOOAAAAA!!!!!! Nice, Woods! Its Really Cool!!

    I'll Have To Get Used To It, Though

  2. Also, New Code: BFF4EVER

    Oh, And No Valentine Contest Winners...? Umm, Okay?
    They DO Realize That Valentines Are Better Used On Valentines Day, Right..?


  3. @ millicy:
    I was messing around with Photoshop at school XD
    @ Tinygirl:
    Thanks for the code! I'll post it :)

  4. @Woods,
    I Drew You Some WCC Pictures For The Birthday, But My Laptop Is Stupid So They Might Be A Bit Lateee D:

    Poor Snow-Kitten D:


  5. @ Tinygirl:
    Ooh! Hehehe...
    I have an idea... Could you possibly e-mail them to me tonight?

  6. I think it's cool woods!
    Thanks for the code!
    Oh no Snow kitty D:

  7. WCC Admin HjacklerFebruary 15, 2012

    Thanks Woodswolf!!!! i cant wait for the birthday!!!!! me and you have built this place to a empire!!!! WE ARE AMAZINg!!!! And your the best boss Ever!!!

  8. @ Darling:
    Thanks :)
    @ Hjackler:
    I know! It's going to be SO EXCITING! YAAAAAAYA!!
    And you're the best assistant anyone could ever have, Hjackler ;)

  9. @ millicy:
    I can't, I'm at school :(

  10. @ millicy:
    I'm already on :)

  11. @ millicy:
    Wait. I have to go now... next class. Sorry!

  12. Hi Woodswolf. I've never commented before, but I read posts. I'd like to let you know that you inspired me to make a blog called Patchpaw's Jammer Forest. The link is patchpawsjammerforest.blogspot.com. Please visit it. Thank you.


  13. @ Patchpaw:
    Inspiration is a wonderful thing, isn't it?
    @ millicy:
    Well, it's 4th block! I can get on AJ now :)

  14. @Woodswolf,
    Im Gonna Have To Email On Saturday, My Laptop Kept Freezing, And Im Gonna Need To Draw Just ONE MORE!!!!
    By The Way, How Can You Get On AJ At School?
    Mine Blocks It D:

    Oh, @Hjackler, Darling, Kitkats, Seals8, And Bunnylove,
    Can You Guys Draw
    (Or Take A Picture Off AJ If You Feel You Draw Bad)
    A Picture Of Your Fursona's?
    (Fursona Is A Animal That You Kinda "Go" By, Im Tiny And Millicy Is Snow)
    Im Gonna Draw A Picture Of The "Tops Of WCC" We Comment, Post, And Are Great Friends With Woods! So, Im Just Asking If I Can See What Your FAVORITE Animal Looks Like!
    Darling, I Remember Your Usally Gray, And Bunnylove Is White, And Hjackler, Whats Your Current AJ User? On Saturday I'll Add You C:
    But Woods Is The Queen Of WCC o3o
    And Woods, Whats Your ABSOLUTE FAVORITE SONG?
    Im Gonna Go ALL OUT, Okay?
    Have I Ever Mentioned Im A Pretty Okay Singer?
    I Have Quite A Few Piccies, Including The Joke Picture.. Haha!
    But You'll Love It All O3O

    Guess Its A GOOD Thing I Gotta Wait Until Saturday To Use My Dad's PC!

  15. http://www.imgur.com/gallery/8oFtf




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