Tuesday, February 7, 2012

hajckler i need ur help.

i got scammed and need ur help, email me at prettykittymarie@gmail.com asap


  1. WCC Admin HjacklerFebruary 08, 2012

    On it.. i dont need to email you i already know who it is! hows that for efficency?

  2. @Hjackler
    how do you already know who it is?

  3. [b][i][a=#FFCCCC][c=#FF3300]Seals8[/c=#990000][/a=#FFCC99][/i][/b]February 08, 2012


    What millicy said. How?

  4. (◑‿◐)Seals8(◑‿◐)February 08, 2012


  5. WCC Admin HjacklerFebruary 08, 2012

    Ima a hacker i know this stuff! after a while it gets really easy! and i cant divulge any secrets so sorry... :) BTW Emogirl The process has officially started :)

  6. its blackops1218 he took my clover blanet n said he'd give me a black top hat, can maybe get some rare from his account 2? (lol)

    -kitkats (my user u can send it 2)

  7. I Remember A Few Hackers From Back When There Was Only Mail Trade....
    I Think I Took Their Pictures And They Might Still Be On My PC....
    But, The Only Way I Would Want That If The One Named
    Garfield-Some Numbers
    Still Had My Founder's Hat...
    I Dont Think I Would Want To Hack Them, Unless They Still Have The Stuff They Scammed From Me..
    I Dunno.. Mixed Feelings Here...
    Have You Ever Heard Of Ellen? In Her Show, She Has A Segment Called "Clumsy Thumbsy", And Its Auto-Correct On The Phones, Putting Weird Corrections!!!

    Heres A HILARIOUS One

    "Are You Doing The Nutcracker This Year?"
    "Yup! Im Auctioning Kids Tomorrow!"
    "Suctioning Kids."
    "Ridiculous Auto Cat Rectom"
    "I Am Auditioning Kids For Play."
    "Wow, Sorry I Asked!"

    And One From Another Episode:

    "Hows Are Pregnant Little Daughter?
    "Mom, How Did You Know?"
    "I Meant Perfect."
    "Wait... WHAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?"

    They Will Make You Laugh For A While c:
    Just Look Up
    "Ellen's Got Clumsy Thumbsy"
    And Only Watch It If Its Made By The User
    SOOO FUNNY!!! And Mature, Watch At Risk, If You Cant Hear A Few Cusses.


  8. @Woods,
    The "Mature Warning" Wasent For You, Its For Anybody Else Reading It C:


  9. @Millicy
    Look Up A Game Called "FelisFire" And Tell Me Your Thoughts C:


  10. @awesome tinygirl
    it looks awesome but it's for 13+

  11. @awesome tinygirl
    it also seems to be a little (or a lot?) bit like mweor

  12. I Dunno, My Friend Told Me About It, And I Couldent Get On My PC.. Its Really Weird.. So I Was Just Gonna Ask If You Could So I Would Know How Its Played When My PC Repairs o3o
    But, FH Is 13+, Too, Right?
    Yeah I Never Pay Attention To That D:

    A Science Truck Came To School, And I Put My Hand On A Plasma Ball, And The Plasma All Focused To Where My Hand Was On The Ball!
    They Waved A Lightbulb Around Me And I GLOWED! It Was Cool!
    They Also Broke Glass With Sound, And They Put A Shatterproof Case Around It And A Strobe Light To Make It Go In Slow Motion!!
    And Static Electricity Stuff, Too!
    Did You Know Plasma Is Its Own State Of Matter? Now I Do X3

    AND A Master Illusionist Came!
    He Showed Was AWESOME!
    His Name Was Harris III
    (Which Means Harris The Third, In Case You Didnt Know o3o)
    Today Was FUN! O3O

    But I Dunno, It Might Be Safe To Sign Up And Just Lie About Age And Say You Were Born In 1996
    (Im 11, If I Was Born Then, I'd Be 15)
    But Yeah, Im Going To Sleep Now!


  13. @Millicy
    The Way To Say His Name Was Directed To People Who Were Reading The Comment And Dont Know That Was Roman Numeral For Three C:


  14. @awesome tinygirl
    it's 13+ now??? D: it used to not be for only 13+ people D: THEY CHANGED IT! WHHHHHHY D:

  15. @ Tinygirl:
    Sounds like someone had a fun day! Hehehe!
    @ millicy:
    Technically, yes, it's 13+. Technically.
    If your parents approve of you playing it, you can play it.
    That's what she means.


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