Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Post On TDE

Hello everyone!
There was a new post on TDE (The Daily Explorer - AJ HQ's new blog) today!
And if you look at it and read it right and know where to look, you know EXACTLY what it's talking about.
Here's what it says:

A New Animal in Jamaa?

by on Feb.28, 2012, under AJHQ News, Animals

AJHQ just heard reports of a new animal sighting! Can you tell from the image above what it could possibly be? Stay tuned for the latest updates on what this new animal could be!

Now look at the AJ frontpage:
Hmm... what's the animal that I've kindly circled in BRIGHT RED for you?
And how many legs do we see?
Six. And in the top picture by AJ HQ, six.
So technically, no, it's not an octopus... it's a SQUID that's going to come out next.
Unless if they bring up the Squidward Philosiphy:
Squidward is an octopus. The animators just didn't want to have to draw two more arms/legs.
So, anyway, we'll be seeing octopus/squid things coming up in the next few weeks. Maybe it will be this week's newspaper, maybe the next one.
My guess? Since they were bragging about a 'big secret' to be released... unless the squid things are going to be for Second-Teir Membership (In other words, a more expensive membership option that unlocks even MORE stuff than regular membership does), or they're going to release a few lands/oceans at the same time... My guess is that we will be seeing more posts like this in the near future.
Bye for now!


  1. LOL, Wow, New Text Box And Comment Page Is weird o.o


  2. Well, six things, but you get the idea XD

  3. Ok! I found out the thing for leap day. RARE ITEMS AT THE LEAP YEAR PARTY! ALL DAY FOR THE 28! 29! AND THE 1ST OF MARCH! HURRY! OFFER ENDS SOON!

  4. @Funwow
    Great, Just Another Amazing Thing Ive Learned Today!
    Just Kidding.
    Today Makes Me Want To Punch My Eyes Out So I Cant See How Much It Sucks.
    Ive Also Learned That When You've Cried 4 Times In One Day, And The 4th Time Was For An Hour, Your Eyes Look Like My Red 3DS (That I'm Using) And You Hyperventalate And You Cant Breath For A Long Time Out Of Your Nose.
    Don't Even Ask What Happened, I Never Want To Think About Today, The WORST Day Of My Life, Ever Again.
    I Will Say One Thing
    As Soon As I Woke Up, I Felt Horrible And That Today Would Be Horrible.
    I Hate When Im Right.....
    I Guess I Just Need 3150 Gems Now..... Best Dressed Is Double Gems.... I Hope I Can Get All Of It Because If I Dont, I Will Have To Wait FOUR YEARS To Get The Stuff, AND I BET THEY WOULDENT EVEN BE BACK.


  5. Four years? Four years for what?


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