Tuesday, February 7, 2012

This Week's New Stuff (Up To Date Through 2/9)

Hello everyone!
Well, they added some new stuff today!
Here's this week's OMSA as it unfolds:
Jam Mart Clothing
Flag Shop
Sunken Treasures (OMSA)
Jam Mart Clothing (OMSA)
Flag Shop
Bye for now!


  1. Awesometinygirl, Feb 03 21:51 (MST):
    So, Ive Seen Sizzlerat, And I Know Its A Test Account, But, I Wanted To Know, Are You Gonna Put The Tail Item In The Game? It Seems REAALLY Cool, And It Would Be A Shame To Let An Item Like That Go To Waste!Well, Another Thing, Ive Came Into Run-Ins With Something Horrid... FULL DEN!So, I Had An Idea! Somewhere In A Land, There Can Be A Den Storage!Its Where You Can Store Up To 200 Items (Like In The Dens, So You Can Buy Up To 400 Items)Its A Nice Idea, Especially If You Like To Keep Your Holiday Items, Or Raise Up Items Until There Rare, So, Just Consider That, And I Really Hope That Tail Items Can Come Out Soon!But, Its Up To What You All Can Do Up In AJ HQ To Be Able To Do All These Ideas!And Since Theres A Den Storage Idea, Maybe In The Same Place You Can Store You Clothes Items!
    ~Local Jammer, Roxy648

    Alana, Feb 04 18:41 (MST):
    Hello Roxy648,

    Thanks for your email! We must say, you are a very perceptive Jammer! Sizzlerat was an Animal Jam HQ test account. We aren't sure if that tail item will be in the game any time soon, but we will definitely be sure to pass it on.

    Also, as for your idea about a land just for storing den items, that sounds super awesome and we're sure many Jammers would enjoy it. Since it's such a wild idea, we'll be sure to pass it on right away. You can definitely count on us to keep our paws crossed for you.

    Here at Animal Jam HQ, we are always hard at work making sure Jamaa is a fun, exciting, and safe place for all our Jammers. We love listening to your suggestions on how we can make it an even wilder place for all Jammers to enjoy!

    In the meantime, be sure you check out the other fabulous accessories currently in Jamaa. Headquarters is always adding and removing super cool items in the shops, so you just never know what you'll find!

    Be sure to stay on top of all the latest store updates by checking out the Jamaa Journal newspaper!

    All the best, and play wild!

    Animal Jam HQ

    Thats My EMAAAIL




  4. LOL All The Comments Are By Me!!! XD
    Talk, Everyone Else!!! >:U

  5. @awesome tinygirl
    why is no one else commenting?

  6. @Woods,
    Theres A New Party!!
    Its A "Friendship Party"!


  7. @ Tinygirl:
    Ooh! Well, it's nice to see those emails!

  8. Yeah! The Friendship party is in an extended princess castle and has Jam Mart Clothing music.The evil lemons glitched me and my Heart Locket dissapeared. I had to buy a new one >:U

  9. Im Gonna Re-Draw My Profile Picture Soon....

    I Hope They Pick My Jam-A-Gram Design... But My Luck Says They Wont :P


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