Tuesday, March 29, 2011

AJR's Obituary? (EXCLUSIVE TO WCC (Most likely, anyway))

Hello everyone...
I come before you today with bad news... VERY BAD news...
Is it the end of AJR?
What is AJR? you may ask. AJR is another Animal Jam site that has been around since the BEGINNING of Animal Jam. It has lots of very important records and files that could be 'lost to the ages'.
I will show you pictures from a private conversation that me and Fuzzy had on her chat. You can then decide wether or not it is the End of AJR.
Question that starts the conversation is said by me:
'Fuzzy, are you really stopping AJR?'
Fuzzy, if you are reading this... Sorry, but I had to let the word out.
So... maybe WCC will become the new AJR?
I would talk to Fuzzy about this if I could. If anyone is on chat when Fuzzy is on, private chat her and ask her questions about the situation.
Faithful AJR fans...

AJR was born on Monday, August 9th of 2010.
I originally was introduced to AJR in late October of 2010. I was searching for Animal Jam when I found it on Google. I clicked it, decided it was a good site, and wrote down it's URL.
When I got home, as soon as I could, I went onto the computer, typed in the URL, and then went to AJR to mark it.
Over the next few months, I read through the whole archive. I became a 'true' AJR fan.
When Fuzzy introduced mods, I really wanted to be one. I hoped and hoped. Eventually modship came. I was so happy...
Mt. Shiveer was introduced. The failed Valentine's Day party. Everything. AJR covered it all.
By the time mid-March came around, AJR was in decline. All great empires, such as the Greeks, Romans, Persians, Egyptians, fell eventually. AJR was on the brink of collapse. There were many posts that had nothing to do with Animal Jam anymore, more just about comments and how they were rude, etc.
AJR's most recent post was on Tuesday, the 22nd of March. That was a week ago from the time this obituary was posted.
AJR has fallen. In a few days (or maybe a few hours, or maybe that week ago post) AJR's last post will be posted.
To a proud Internet sensation;
All of us at WCC give AJR and Fuzzy Shyivy the 21 Howl salute.
________________- ____
_______________/__l /_l
_____________/_ .__v__l
_____/____---- __\____l
____/__/______\_\ ___l
_l _____ _______)__\ ___)
_\________\ ____________

Thank you, everyone, for your support of AJR.
If you have any information, or are simply shocked by this, comment on this post.
Thank you for your respect in these hard times.
Thank you, Fuzzy Shyivy, for inspiring WCC.
Thank you.
Goodbye (forever?).

PS: If you wish to visit AJR in it's dying days, if you click on any of these words in the post:
Click them and you will be sent straight to AJR.


    lalakers blablah blah

  2. btw the answer to the new contest is the achievement name is: answer the call

  3. Yeah...
    I know...
    IT'S AWFUL!!!

  4. im starting to have tears... :'(

  5. I can understand... it's just AWFUL that Fuzzy would just decide to 'give up on us'...

  6. bunnylove3April 01, 2011

    i used to go on fuzzy's site ALL the time... i cant beleive she is quiting :( i like your site tho! i just 'discovered' it. i have made some discoveries in animal jam that i think u will be intressted in. i cant email to u becuz my email username is my real name so if u want to here some of my 'hunches' just say so XD
    by the way... my name is bunnylove3
    happy exploring and nice to 'meet'you

  7. @ bunnylove3:
    #1, I'm not a scammer or anything, and if it does say your real name, everything besides the contents of the e-mail (unless if you say to keep it 'between us') is PRIVATE. AKA, nobody will know.

  8. bunnylove3April 03, 2011

    well... i guess... don't tell or show or post it plz for saftey reasons

    ...idk what i would email to u about tho... instead of commenting?

  9. I know. I'm a big fan of online safety... I'm thinking about making a post about it...

  10. Virgobunny (sniff :()August 26, 2011

    Virgobunny here.. awful. I visited and loved AJR. I read through and loved it every day. I did not know it had been abandoned. Sigh.. I visited and earned respect. I loved it. I miss it. When I visited, loved, respected and read AJR, I had no idea it was in 'the dying days' however, I honorably will visit and write the last comment on AJR, and for Fuzzy Shyivy, the last post will be about how I loved that blog. that blog was my BFF. Now it is gone. BOO HOO! (snifles)

    Goodbye forever, Bff.
    Goodbye. AJR, bye.

  11. V Shivermoon @ Woodswolf

    You solved the mystery. Congrats.

  12. Yup, Victory! LOL my name in comments is Vicky! I gave yo that link on ur blog! :D


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