Monday, March 21, 2011

Voting on the polls...

Hello again!
I'm just wondering...
The poll time has been shortened and there still are NO VOTES... This means that if someone votes right now, whatever they vote for will win the poll. Is there any reason that people don't vote?
If you seem nervous that I will get into another fit when I read the results, I won't. It's just that when I see a bad comment (or other inappropriate thing) posted by a fan, it just gets me in a very bad mood.
AKA, when you're posting on the poll, if Yes/Probably wins, I will agree with you. I will stop blogging about all other sources of codes.
Blogging, that is...

I may also occasionally introduce new games (even if Yes/Probably wins). Unless if they are ones that you can easily find on the Internet, I will have to 'advertise it' and ask permission from the owner (if it is posted on a small site and I find it on accident).

Anyway, just vote on the polls!

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