Saturday, March 26, 2011

Contest Page!

Hello everyone!
You may have noticed a new page!
Welcome to the Contest page!
It's where I post the current contest, the previous contest winners, and the contest rules.
Check it out... and then enter the current contest!


  1. i know the answer i am KingChris1788 the question is if you answer fifteen polls you get what achievment? answer is answer the call!

  2. Thank you! I'll update the contest page now!
    BTW... I'm going to delete your comment so no one can cheat...

  3. Im back yay

  4. hey woodswolf. i am KingChris1788 and i was wondering if you were talking to me when it said you won and your message was deleted.Because i answered it bye

  5. It's just that I didn't want anyone to cheat. I saw that you answered correctly, it's just that I didn't want anyone to cheat. Your comment is still there, it's just invisible cuz I marked it as 'SPAM'.
    (I know it's not, it's just the only way to hide a comment without deleting it :) )


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