Wednesday, March 9, 2011

More St. Patrick's Day Info, Mods, and #80!

Hello everyone!
A few days ago I got a question about 'What exactly can you wear to the St. Patrick's Day party?' from a top (and for that matter, only) commenter (Let's change this, people...).
Anything green is fine, it just has to have some green on it. Either that, or you can wear PINK (What color is Patrick Star? Ding ding ding!).

In a few weeks I will be making a post about making Mods (short for Moderaters).
What Mods do is they look at the comments for posts, and if anyone has questions, they will (if they can) answer them. My plan is to have 1 mod for Animal Jam and 1 mod for Free Realms to start out. The special post mentioned earlier will be a post called 'Mod Auditions' where I will explain the qualities of the Mod, like what it does, what it doesn't do, and what requirements have to be met before you can become one. This is where I will let you audition for being mods. But first, GET THE COMMENTS UP!!!!!

Also, I got #80 (see 76... 77... 78...)!
Again, I want to know how many achievements you guys have!
You don't have to feel embarassed, it's just preparing us for the release of the Achiever Clan (nicknamed AC) which is entirely dependent on achievements. I have posted a guide today that has about 500 achivements on it (close enough) for assistance in reaching your 'achievement goal'...

See ya!

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