Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sorry everyone!

I just have to make an apology...
I'm sorry to everyone who showed up at the party last night. My mom just had to 'make' me go to the mall. Then we got back too late, AKA after 8:00, so I didn't even bother getting on.
If there are no objections, I'm thinking about just trashing the Free Realms party. If I do have fans out there on the Realms, please stand up for yourself now. I'm doing this because I think I don't have any Realms fans.
Sorry again!


  1. wolves are awesomeMarch 19, 2011

    blog about animal jam not free realms!

  2. @ wolves are awesome:
    I'm sorry, but I have to remove your comment. It's just not appropriate to post. No offense. :)

    It may be considered for a poll later, but for now I am going to keep it balanced.

    If I recieve more rude comments, I'll turn moderation on. AKA, if it's innappropriate, I can delete it before it's even on-site!

    Just because it's a different site doesn't mean that the same rules don't apply here as with AJR.

    Also, in case if you didn't realize, I just finished the AJ game guide. This comment may make me reconsider posting it for now. I think it has. I guess I have to make innocents suffer...

    Why don't you ask Fuzzy how SHE would feel about this comment if she were wanting to get more than one game on?? What would Fuzzy say??

    I'm sorry if I sound rude, but you should then read my comment on 'The Party... Conclusion...' on Fuzzy's site. I was REALLY MAD then.

    -Woodswolf, who is angry right now...

  3. Dude wolves! That is seriously rude!
    i am p.o'ed at u now. I am so sorry bout that wodswolf :( people should learnt to be nicer.and btw so thats why u werent the party! :) i was there

  4. Well, lalakers, I'm wondering if I should just post the game guide anyway... otherwise it's not fair to you or others...
    I probably will, but this situation is just a warning...
    Also, I think wolves are awesome could have been the one who said I posted too much about Free Realms on last week's poll.
    Oh well.

  5. Oh... and PS: The weekly poll is getting rid of today. I want to switch it on Saturdays now.


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