Monday, March 28, 2011

The Ball Clock... What time is it?

Hello everyone!
If you have seen, we have two new objects!
The first is Wolf, the site mascot! Check out the post below about him as well as the hit party, etc.
The second is the Ball Clock. It's an awesome tool, and can tell you the time if you know the trick...
As you can see, the top 2 bars are minutes and the bottom bar shows the hours.
The first minute bar (added to the second minute bar's count) shows minutes that are not divisible by 5.
The second minute bar shows minutes that are divisible by 5 in the hour.
The on the clock here shows 5:20. If there were another ball on the top bar, it would be 5:21.
I realized also that you can make 'artificial times' by dragging the balls around on the clock! You can always check the time by clicking the 'reset' button (hidden by tools).
The coolest time, in my opinion, is 1:00. The thing is, you have to make 12:59 if you can't be around to see it. The reason I will let you check out on your own.
I hope this helps!


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