Thursday, March 10, 2011

I bring attention to the poll...

Hello again!
Recently, I was checking out the Weekly Poll results...
I don't know why, I thought I would be getting a lot of the 'Yes. Animal Jam' results... but I found this...
The result that's underlined in red is the one I want you to look at.
I thought I was posting WAY too much about Animal Jam... and, on top of that, I've barely posted ANYTHING on Free Realms!
Help me understand this...
If you voted for 'Yes. Free Realms', please explain in a comment on this post... because I sure don't understand...
And yes, everyone... there is only one day left for the poll... it's posted every Friday, see... tomorrow I will announce (assuming that I can let the blockade for posts let up a bit) the results of the poll. I suggest you look at them.

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