Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Shamrock Shindigs! (RE-POST)

Hello everyone!
March is just around the corner... and so is Saint Patrick's Day!
"Are you ready to PAR-TAY?" - Spongebob Squarepants
That quote hits the nail on the head! We're having a PARTY!
I'm going to have 3 parties: one on Animal Jam, one on Free Realms, and one on Wizard101.

Animal Jam Party Details:
Where: My den (will move around!)
Server: Grande (MAKE SURE YOU ARE ON GRANDE. We will NOT wait for people to switch servers, and WILL move around)
When: 7:00PM CST (go to time.gov to figure out your time zone) on March 18th (Friday)
Dress Code: Green everything! Doesn't matter besides that!

Free Realms Party Details:
Where: Wolf Mountain (It's right on top of the Greenwood Warpstone. This will also be one of the three meeting places of the Free Realms RPG (Role-Playing Guild). I'll show you two ways to get up to the top, where we will party) (we will move around!)
Server: 10 (MAKE SURE YOU ARE ON SERVER 10. We will NOT wait for people to switch servers, and WILL move around)
When: 7:00PM CST on March 19th (Saturday)
Dress Code: Everything that you can make green, turn green (Members: I have no idea, but there might be green hair dye around that time too :) )

I'm very excited! Remember: Use the E-mail Post links to get the hits up! I want to see LOTS OF PEOPLE at these parties!


  1. Ill will BE at ur party rest assured! and btw are green gloves allowed 4 da outfit? im pretty sure like 10 of those 67 hits were from me!

  2. Yes. Anything that's green is allowed at the St. Patrick's Day party :).
    Also, thank you about the hits! It also helps me verify that I have more than one viewer... but that the rest don't comment!
    I will post about this!

  3. YAY


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