Friday, March 25, 2011

Winners of the contest..., and CODE CONTEST

Hello everyone...
If anyone checked out the Game Guide page and read it, you would realize that there was a contest on there. Well, now it's time to announce the winner(s):

THE WINNER IS: (drumroll please)
lalakers24678, with the correct answers of Jamaa Township and River Race!
You've won whatever you desire of these two items which I'm modeling:
So, now, MORE PEOPLE NEED TO ENTER CONTESTS! I will place random contests all around the site. This one was very easy. Go ahead and check out the game guide.
For those of you that did it but didn't comment: We're not going to 'make fun of you' if you comment! And you could have won a FABULOUS PRIZE. Both of those items are rares.
For those of you that didn't do it: Just look around the site. I could hide a new contest anywhere... and currently one of them is who the mods are going to be. That's 'hidden in a post' like the one below, by chance?

WCC focuses on codes and cheats. I'll give you a code and a cheat. Break it. Then, if you've broken the code, answer the question. Whoever gets the question right will win a rare item or modship (If they aren't a mod already, this is the prize the winner gets). There will also be a runner-up, so if you were also very close, you will win the winner's refuse prize (AKA... if they are a mod, you win the modship, if they aren't, you get the rare). The reason is because this one is very hard.

9-6 25-15-21 1-14-19-23-5-18 6-9-6-20-5-5-14 16-15-12-12-19 25-15-21 7-5-20 23-8-1-20 1-3-8-9-5-22-5-13-5-14?

1. The underlined sections of numbers and dashes are single words. Every other word is bolded.
2. The dashes are not spaces. They seperate the letters.
3. A is the ____st letter in the alphabet, B is the ____nd letter, etc.

Please do NOT cheat! If I find out that ANYONE has cheated they are automatically disqualified. Also, you only have to answer the question. The answer is NOT posted on site and will not be until it's finished.
And remember... I want the thing's name. You find that by scrolling over it. Look at anyone's AJ stuff you desire, including my stuff.
So... crack that code!


  1. i WANT the tie pleaSE woodswolf :)
    srry i;ve bben gone for 3 days

  2. It's OK.
    I'm sending the tie now! ;)

  3. 9-6 25-15-21 1-14-19-23-5-18 6-9-6-20-5-5-14 16-15-12-12-19 25-15-21 7-5-20 23-8-1-20 1-3-8-9-5-22-5-13-5-14?



  4. @ Silverstorm:
    You realize this contest isn't active anymore, right? The winners already won...

  5. @Woodswolf
    I know. I did it for fun:)


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