Saturday, March 19, 2011

Weekly Poll Results

Every week (the schedule just hasn't been regular yet) I shall make a post titled 'Weekly Poll Results'. It shall post the results of the weekly poll.
For this week's poll, 2 people voted on part one, and both voted for Jamaa Township! That's the winning land (unless people with other opinions didn't vote)! Nobody voted on part 2 though... does that mean that 'it's kind of obvious... duh' or 'no one saw it'?
Well, anyway...
This week's poll is:
Should I agree with wolves are awesome's comment and only blog about Animal Jam?
Vote on this... this will determine the fate of WCC...
You know what? This poll will last ONE MONTH so that everyone has time to vote!
Otherwise... maybe someone will vote 'Yes' over and over when everyone else says 'No'...

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