Sunday, March 27, 2011

SITE MASCOT!!!, Hit Party!, and Viewing Average!

Hello everyone!
Say Hi to Wolf the Dog!
Isn't he cute?
Anyway, I'm going to tell you a bit about the icons below him. All of them work when you click on them. (BTW... The tools are nothing you will see. I didn't realize they were on there... That's so I can edit anything I want on my blog when I'm on it)

The bone icon, when you click on it, throws his bone (He loves his bone... ;) ).
The dog icon gives him a treat.
The red ball icon throws a little red ball.
The pointer icon will bring Wolf up to your pointer. You can then make him look around, etc.
The down arrow, if you click it once, makes him sit. If you click it again, he lies down. If you click it a third time, he rolls over on his belly.
The movie icon lets you look directly at the dog. Otherwise, you can only see the initial view that you can't move (the 'yard cam').

Also... the hit party is DEFINITELY happening. There are almost 600 views!
Now it's just the date... I'll get back to you with this later.

Finally... we have an average of ~20.592 views a day so far in March! Congratulations! (~ means about or estimate in this case)

I hope this helps... wait... What's that, Wolf?
Oh... What he means to say is:
Bye Jammers!! Come and play with me sometime!!

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