Sunday, March 6, 2011

Site Changes!

Hello everyone!
As you can see, now the poll is 'official'!
Every week, I will have a poll (sometimes it may be completely random, but who cares? I DON'T! :)!) You vote on it and pick your favorite(s) or say your opinion(s) on the topic I post!
For example, since the Weekly Poll spot is already taken, I'll post another poll right here. So, everyone comment on THIS POST with your results (you only have to include the letter of your answer):

Do you like WCC so far, and what do you like about it?
A. Yes. It helped me make a lot of money in Animal Jam/Free Realms/Wizard101
B. Yes. I like the design!
C. Yes. The posts are interesting!
D. No. I would like more improvement with something (please explain why if you are picking choice D. I want this poll to help me see what I need to do).

Vote vote vote!


  1. a,b,and c!
    your biggest fan
    lalakers24678 u should buddy me on aj

  2. Thank you, lalakers24678, for your compliment!
    Make sure you look at some of the new things popping up on the site *wink wink*...


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