Friday, March 4, 2011

New Search!, Update on the Realms and DO NOT PRESS guidebook

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to say that a lot of new stuff has been happening on AJ...
There is a new game in Sarepia Forest, rock facts are all over, NEW bug facts and plant facts are everywhere, and there are new Shaman statues in the (new) Mystery Emporium.
Now there's just the question... is there MORE new stuff I didn't mention???????
I'll leave you hanging on this one... Comment on this post if YOU find anything I didn't mention... (I already know where most of the stuff is, but there might be other out-of-the-ordinary things... ;))

I have to create a new account. I can't get on Free Realms for reasons unknown. Just wait a bit for tech problems to be sorted out...

Also... for those who have heard of the game...
A while ago, I was introduced to a game called DO NOT PRESS by some friends at school. I played it... turns out it's sort of addicting...
I will say two things: DO NOT PRESS the red button, and I am making a guide to the game!
If you love the game DO NOT PRESS (especially the button's weird remarks) then this is for YOU!
I will announce it on another post when it's finished.

Bye for now!

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